Microsoft SharePoint Interview Questions

MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT Interview Questions and Answers :-


1) Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
2) Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
3) Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Definitions
4) Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Object Model
5) Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Basic
6) Microsoft SharePoint 2010 developer


MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download ::

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Microsoft SharePoint Basics Interview Questions and Answers :-

What is WSS (Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services)?
Windows SharePoint Services is the solution that enables you to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. It is a key part of the information worker infrastructure delivered in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 which provides additional functionality to the Microsoft Office system and other desktop applications, and uses as a platform for application development.

What is MOSS (Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server)?
MOSS (Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server) is a portal server that connects people, teams, and knowledge across business processes. SharePoint Portal Server integrates information from various systems into one secure solution through single sign-on and enterprise application integration capabilities. It provides flexible deployment and management tools, and facilitates end-to-end collaboration through data aggregation, organization, and searching. SharePoint Portal Server also enables users to quickly find relevant information through customization and personalization of portal content and layout as well as through audience targeting.

How is WSS 3.0 related to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?
Office SharePoint Server 2007 builds on the top of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to provide additional capabilities including collaboration, portal, search, enterprise content management, business process and forms, and business intelligence.

MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT Interview Questions and Answers

MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT Interview Questions and Answers

What is Microsoft Windows Services?
Microsoft Windows Services is the engine that allows administrators to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration.

What are the main benefits of Office SharePoint Server 2007?
Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a single integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the enterprise. It has the following benefits for different type of users :
Business users gain greater control over the storage, security, distribution, and management of their electronic content, with tools that are easy to use and tightly integrated into familiar, everyday applications.
Organizations can accelerate shared business processes with customers and partners across organizational boundaries using InfoPath Forms Services�driven solutions.
Information workers can find information and people efficiently and easily through the facilitated information-sharing functionality and simplified content publishing. In addition, access to back-end data is achieved easily through a browser, and views into this data can be personalized.
Administrators have powerful tools at their fingertips that ease deployment, management, and system administration, so they can spend more time on strategic tasks.
Developers have a rich platform to build a new class of applications, called Office Business Applications, that combine powerful developer functionality with the flexibility and ease of deployment of Office SharePoint Server 2007. Through the use of out-of-the-box application services, developers can build richer applications with less code.

What are the advanced features of MOSS 2007?
1. User Interface (UI) and navigation enhancements
2. Forms Server and InfoPath
3. Document management enhancements
4. Report Center
5. The new Workflow engine
6. Enhancements to List technology
7. Office 2007 Integration 8. Search enhancements
9. The �Features� feature
10. New Web Parts
11. Records Management
12. Business Intelligence and Excel Server
13. New Site-type templates
14. Business Data Catalog
15. Web Content Management
16. Alternate authentication providers and Forms-based authentication

Can I download information directly from a SharePoint site to a personal digital assistant (PDA)?
No you cannot.

What is CAML?
CAML stands for Collaborative Application Markup Language. It is an XML-based language that is used in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to define sites and lists including fields, views, or forms. CAML is also used to define tables in the Windows SharePoint Services database during site provisioning

What is the difference between an Internet and an intranet site?
An internet site is a normal site that anyone on the internet can access (e.g.,,, etc.). You can access it without any user name and password.
An intranet Web site can only be accessed by people who are members of a specific network. They need to have a login and password that was assigned to them when they were added to the site by the site administrator. The intranet is commonly used as an internal tool for giving employees access to company information.

What is the SharePoint Hive directory?
SharePoint Hive directory is C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12.

Can multiple SharePoint applications points to the same DB?
Multiple SharePoint installs can use the same database server not the same database on that server.

Can we install SharePoint on the database server other then SQL Server?
SharePoint database server must be SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005. It cannot be Oracle or another vendor.

What is a meeting workspace?
A meeting workspace is a place to store information, attendees, and tasks related to a specific meeting.

What is a template?
A template is a pre-defined set of functions or settings that can be used over time. There are many templates within SharePoint like Site Templates, Document Templates, Document Library and List Templates.

What is a DWP?
The file extension of a web part.

What is the difference between a site and a web?
The pages in a Web site generally cover one or more topics and are interconnected through hyperlinks. Most Web sites have a home page as their starting point. While a Web is simply a blank site with SharePoint functionality built in; meaning you have to create the site from the ground up.

Can I customize my Windows SharePoint Services site?
Yes, Windows SharePoint Services makes updating sites and their content from the browser easier then ever. SharePoint includes tools that let you create custom lists, calendars, page views, etc. You can apply a theme, add List, Survey and Document Library Web Parts to a page, create personal views; change logos; connect Web Parts and more.

What are Application Pages in SharePoint?
Unlike site pages (for example, default.aspx), a custom application page is deployed once per Web server at the time of SharePoint installation and cannot be customized on a site-by-site basis. Application pages are based in the virtual _layouts directory of SharePoint hive. In addition, they are compiled into a single assembly DLL.

What is Authentication and Authorization.
An authentication system is how you identify yourself to the computer. The goal behind an authentication system is to verify that the user is actually who they say they are. Once the system knows who the user is through authentication, authorization is how the system decides what the user can do.

What is the difference between a Site Definition and a Site Template?
Site Definitions are stored on the hard drive of the SharePoint front end servers. They are used by the SharePoint application to generate the sites. Site Templates are created by users as a copy of a site they have configured and modified so that they do not have to recreate lists, libraries, views and columns every time they need a new instance of a site.

What is a Module?
A file or collection of file instances that define the location where the files are installed during site creation. Modules are frequently used to implement a Web Part Page in the site. You can define modules by using a module element within a feature definition file.

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