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ANS : Standard property names start with px, py, or pz. You can override px and py properties in your application, but cannot create new properties with any of these three prefixes.s

ANS : Prpc has two types of inheritance 1) direct 2) pattern
Direct inheritance is mandatory and pattern inheritance is optional……..if pattern inheritance is there then pattern inheritance will take precedence.

ANS : For Rule-Obj-Class Rules, history is mandatory.

ANS : XML Parsing (Apply-Parse-XML method)
Java Parsing

ANS : A property value that is supplied by user may be valid or invalid. Pages containing one or more invalid values can not be saved to the database. When process commander detects an invalid value, it adds a message to the page to mark this discovery.
Two important points here are,
1. The invalid values remain on the clipboard
2. The user is not automatically notified of the invalid value

Five kinds of rules basically support the user validation:
1. Property Rules ( Rule-Obj-Property ) : It can serve the purpose of validation in 3 ways
a. Table edits constrain the allowable values.
b. Type of property will restrict the format
c. Max allowable length
2. Edit Input values ( Rule-Edit-Input ) : These can convert the user entered input values into an internal format
3. Edit Validate Rules ( Rule-Edit-Validate ) : these are custom java routine functions which can further test the format of the input
4. Field Values ( Rule-Obj-FiledValue ) : These provide configurable list of acceptable values
5. Multii property Validation rules (Rule-Obj-Validate): These rules are used to apply multiple edit validate rules to act at once. If a value fails any of these validations, the system notes this in a message associated with the property or with the clipboard page containing the property

i. CurrencyAmount : Formats the number as currency based on the default locale
ii. Date-Time-CalanderHarness : dd-MMM-yy HH:mm format plus calendar control
iii. FixedSize : Accepts the input for the no. of characters specified in pyMaxLength
iv. TextAreaWithExpand : Default is closed, expandable region.
v. TextAreaWithExpandExpanded : Default is open with two lin e expandable region
vi. PickCorrPreferences : Select from list of correspondence preferences
vii. PickCountry : Select from list of countries
viii. PickResponseMode : Select from the list of preferred ways to be contacted
ix. PickState : Select fro list of states
x. CheckBox : Displays an HTML check box reflecting the property value
xi. Default : If you leave the Property Stream field on the Property form blank, the system uses this HTML Property rule
xii. PickOperator : Displays a drop-down list of all Operator-IDs, for selection.
xiii. PromptSelect : On input, allows the user to pick from a drop-down list defined in the Table Edit tab of the property form as a Local List or Prompt List. On output, displays the value selected by the user
xiv. PromptFieldValue : On input, allows the user to pick from a drop-down list defined by Field Value rules.
xv. TextArea : Displays an HTML textarea containing the property value
xvi. TextAreaSmall : Displays a smaller HTML textarea containing the property value
xvii. Date-Calendar : Date format with calendar control

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