SKILLS Interview Questions

SKILLS Interview Questions and Answers :-


1) Interpersonal Skills
2) Inventiveness
3) People Skills
4) Reliability
5) Resourcefulness
6) Risk Taking
7) Safety Skills


SKILLS Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download ::

SKILLS interview Questions and Answers :-


1. Tell me about important information regarding preparation of call center job?
-The first thing to focus on is to gain a Neutral Accent . Develop your spoken english in such a way that regional tone does not come in.

-Use GOOD English.

-Develop your emotional stability. Try to stay cool , no matter what the situation is.

-Always be customer oriented when you answer the questions.

-Last but not the least , YOUR ATTITUDE !!!!! IT COUNTS !!! REALLY COUNTS !!!

2. Define a field in the DERIVED as field name and in the record field in which you want to have dynamic prompt table,create a prompt table for the field as % prompt field where prompt field name is same as the field name in the DERIVED record?
1. Create a new field and add the field to any of the Derived Record.
2. Open the Record and goto field to which you want to Prompt and enter prompt table as ‘%name of Variable’ defined on derived record.
3. You have to keep the derived Field on panel and hide it, Otherwise you will get error while accessing the panel.
4. In SrarchInit/Rowinit PeopleCode, Assign the name of the Record definition to the Prompt variable.

3. Describe THREE counter-measures that an information systems manager may put in place to counter these types of security threat?
Organizational Security Policy should be in place, followed, audited, drill test.

System should clearly speak about : Identity Management, Patch Management, Backup Management, Virus, Antispyware softwares should be in place and updated regularly. For a large Information Based Organisation DMZ setup.

Secure your information infrastructure, and conduct vulnerability test.

4. Describe THREE examples of deliberate breaches of security in an information system?

Staff misuses information

Un Authorized Access of Outsider

Computer Theft and Fraud

Missing Backup Tapes

Fraud Account Created

Identity Theft

5. Have you made any individual presentations recently? How did you prepare?
Please share your answers.

6. What is the extent of your participation in major reports that have to be written?
Please share your answers.

7. Describe how the development oin IT from stand-alone computers to modern networked distributed systems have resulted in information systems which may be vulnerable to security breaches?
Stand Alone Computer.

Diskless / Thin Client and Server Environment

Client / Server Environment

Peer to Peer Network Environment

Cluster Server and Thin Client Environment

Distributed Computing Environment

8. Would you rather write a report or give a verbal report? Why?
People may get on with heavy arguements with this topic,but in my perspective i quote a proverb which goes like “Writing is the best way to get into others heart”.so, friends writing a report takes you apart from any verbal

9. Three containers of 15,10 and 6 ltrs capacity. Initially its in configuration (15,0,0). Make it to configuration (2,8,5)?
Please share the solution.

10. What benefits can supply chain management provide to a business? Identify FOUR common supply chain problems along with a potential solution in each case. What is meant by supply chain and supply chain management?
Please share your answers.

11. What is CRDI system?
CRDI Systems are Common Rail Direct Injection – used in automobile engines –

12. Suppose you are given a unique task to shift the Himalaya to another place.
What are all the things you will consider for the same?
i’ll shift myself to another position as it is relative motion that counts.

13. Give an example of a time where you were able to effectively manage multiple deadlines?
playing cricket as a captain

14. Tell us have you ever done any public or group speaking? Recently? Why? How did it go?
i think everyone have some we can participate these type of activities we can avoid some fear .so i suggest every one participate and motivative others also

15. Explain which is your skill that can benefit for our organization?
My skill that can be very critical to me as an employee and as a result to the organization which I work for is the ability to adapt with any surprising changes in work situations or conditions in a way that brings out the best of me in any situation.

16. Tell me what kind of writing have you done? For a group? For an individual?
I will go for group writing because we can exchange our ideas and thoughts with each other.
In the group – all the members are not the same, there way of thinking and there Experiences are different so we can improve our knowledge by discussing with each other.
By working like this way, We can make our writing best which cant be done by an individual.

17. A NUMBER SERIES IS GIVEN AS 1 22 4444 88888888 …..THEN WHAT IS THE 1026th NUMBER?
1026th digit of the expression 1224444….will be “2”.

18. A car travells certain distance taking 7 hrs in forward journey, during the return journey increased speed 12km/hr takes the time 5 hrs. What is the distance travelled.

a) 210 KMs
B) 30 KMs
c) 20 KMs
d) None Of these
Increased speed by 12Km/hr?
or Increased speed to 12Km/hr?

If first, none. If second, it takes 5 hours to return with 12Km/hr. So, 5 multiply 12 equals 60 Km. Since it is round trip, it is going to be 120 km.

19. IF 2+3=8, 3+7=27, 4+5=32, 5+8=60, 6+7=72,

THEN 7+8=?
If 2+3=8, (2*3=6+2*1=6+2=8)
3+7=27, (3*7=21+3*2= 21+6=27)
4+5=32, (4*5=20+4*3=20+12=32)
5+8=60, (5*8=40+5*4=40+20=60)
6+7=72, (6*7=42+6*5=42+30=72)
then 7+8=?? (7*8=56+7*6=56+42=98)

20. What are the differences between the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for networking communication?
TCP is a connenction based protocol.
UDP is a connenction-less protocol.

21. How to send thank you note after the interview?
Thank you for giving me your time and attention in the interview and either I passed and got the job or not I was honored to meet you.. Thank you again.

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